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While running a mid-size trucking company, our founder kept finding himself with the same problem - needing short-term warehousing for freight that was rejected at delivery. It would take his staff hours to search Google, call various warehouses to check if they had capacity, negotiate rates and then send the driver to the warehouse. He also realized that leaving trucks idling or sending them hundreds of miles back to the shipper was not only inefficient, but it was also emitting a large amount of carbon back into the environment.

With thousands of warehouse partners providing secure product warehousing and ample fleet redistribution, OLIMP's Warehousing Solutions decrease diesel idling with drop-off warehouse solutions. Our solution not only saves time in finding and booking warehousing - it decreases carbon footprint by up to 30%.

Solutions for the Future of Shipping

We're delivering carbon reduction without the wait. OLIMP Warehousing has engineered a transportation solution to reduce external fuel costs and deliver ready-to-scale, eco-friendly options to return your fleet to the road faster by tracking empty miles and decreasing distressed freight variabilities.

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Carbon Reduction without the Wait

Our forward-thinking, solutionary measures are the catalyst to carbon savings. As a leading logistics platform, OLIMP goes beyond Carbon Offsets to reduce emissions at the source. We track empty miles to lower transportation carbon footprints, equaling significant cost reductions and improved carbon solutions.

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Modern warehouse with empty shelves to accommodate short term storage.

Lower Costs, Deliver Immediate Solutions

Every minute you spend searching for short-term warehousing counts towards your bottom line. With OLIMP’s online platform, you can find a warehouse with last-mile delivery in a few simple clicks. Then, drop off your freight and get your carrier back for another load. Make your freight operation adaptive to the unexpected with OLIMP’s on-demand warehousing solutions.

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