OLIMP has warehouses across the United States, Canada and Mexico for short term storage needs

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Short-term Warehousing Made Easy

We’ve partnered with warehouses across North America to simplify and streamline the booking process. We continue to grow our network of warehouses with the mission to cover every last mile in the US, Canada and Mexico. Find warehousing for hazmat, cold storage, frozen goods, commercial, and temperature-controlled with a few simple clicks.

Find a Warehouse Near Me
Phone with our app, where our can search for a warehouse by distance, pricing and reviews.

Make Your Freight Operation Adaptive to Change

Some warehouses make you sign a long-term contract with minimum costs and may hide additional fees in the fine print. We’ve vetted every warehouse on our platform to give you accurate and transparent pricing. No minimum cost is required to book warehousing services through OLIMP. You can use one warehouse or book multiple without a contract. OLIMP is an essential resource that gives your freight operation flexibility in changing environments.

Find a Warehouse Near Me
Pallet waiting to be loaded into the truck at a short-term warehouse.

On-call Support Team

Some warehouses offer no support whatsoever. This can leave you stressed when an issue arises outside regular business hours. OLIMP is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer support. Our commitment to responsiveness ensures your questions get answered and issues get resolved.

Find a Warehouse Near Me
In office on call support team is available to answer questions via email or on the phone.