march 24, 2021
DAT partners with OLIMP for on-demand warehousing services
DAT Freight & Analytics today announced a strategic partnership with OLIMP to provide carriers and asset-based freight brokers with streamlined access and discounted pricing across OLIMP's network of short-term warehousing, cross-docking and last-mile delivery services.

OLIMP is an online platform that connects carriers with storage and delivery solutions when a receiver is unable to accept a truck's freight. Using tools integrated with DAT's load board, carriers can find and schedule storage for as little as one day and loads as small as one pallet.

The OLIMP network has more than 1,200 warehouses across the United States and Canada. Carriers fill in their search parameters—an address, search radius, and the number of pallets and duration they need for storage—and compare the features, costs and customer ratings of warehouses with available space. They can book with one click from the dispatch desk or the seat of the truck.

"For DAT customers, OLIMP brings an Airbnb-level of convenience to finding reliable, secure short-term warehousing," said Greg Hastings, Vice President, Strategy Execution at DAT. "Instead of time-consuming searches and costly delays, carriers can quickly match up with a warehouse nearby and keep their driver rolling."

"For a variety of reasons, 5 to 12% of loads are rejected or delayed at the receiver, and brokers and truckers lose valuable time looking for a place where they can take the freight," said Vlad Gasnikov, OLIMP CEO and founder. "Our trusted warehouse partners post their available space to our network with no minimum storage requirements or advanced notice. OLIMP is tailored to the immediate and dynamic warehousing needs of trucking, starting with one-pallet/one-day availability. The process saves time, money and lets truckers get on to the next job."

DAT customers are eligible to receive special discounts on OLIMP services, including 10% off the first transaction and 5% on subsequent transactions. The offer is available initially as a cash-back rebate from OLIMP.