march 11, 2021
The universal solution for rejected freights in the U.S.
Up to 12% of all deliveries are late and trucks get rejected. What does it mean when a truck is rejected? Your next available appointment for unloading at the distribution center is in 5-7 days, sometimes you have to wait up to 2 weeks.

One thing is for certain: rejected freight causes a domino effect of issues and costs. Luckily, paying attention to details and some planning, rejections can be mitigated, and costs can be managed. Carriers or freight brokers have to find a secure location to store this freight until a new appointment is available. Similar problems occur when the load is shifted, drivers have wrong paperwork or get wrong delivery appointments etc.

If you work with OLIMP, you can always count on the nationwide network of 1400+ warehouses across the U.S. If your freight has been rejected, OLIMP is the best solution for carriers and freight brokers to consider. OLIMP will allow you to find, book and pay warehousing service, such as a storage with redelivery, restacking with shrink-wrapped or cross-docking.

Many of our customers who experienced the snowstorms in Texas in February 2021, faced hundreds of closed receiver storage facilities, and can confirm that OLIMP afforded the best solutions for this type of issue. All loads have been dropped for short-storage and delivered to the receiver according to the new appointment.