february 18, 2021
OLIMP's warehouses continue works normally despite of snow storms
A sprawling winter storm continued to sweep across the country, knocking out power for millions of people as it dumped snow and ice in places where such perilously frigid conditions tend to arrive just once in a generation.

Despite the snowstorms, which have fallen on the USA, warehouses of OLIMP nationwide network (more 1400 points across the country) proceed their work in the normal mode. The most required services nowadays are cross-docking, restacking and reworking pallets: a lot of freights have been late or damaged down the road because of inclement weather and multi-miles traffic jams.

The role of freight transportation and warehousing services is increased significantly during unprecedented snowy and frosty weather. OLIMP wishes luck to all truck drivers and warehouses workers in their hard toil at this uneasy time.